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Why Book With Us?


1.  You are our #1 concern.  We named our company Your Way Entertainment And Productions because it's your party and the only      

      way you should have it is YOUR WAY.  We do a free of charge consultation with all of our clients regardless of how big or small

      their event is to make sure things run smoothly and meet their expectations.

2.   We are always professional.  Have you ever been to a wedding where the dj was late and looked like he or she just came from the

      beach?  Or even worse your dj didn't show up?  That's enough to drive anyone crazy.  We will always arrive at least 30 minutes prior

      to the start time of your event, we dress appropriately, and we always bring back up gear just in case of an accident.  We also have

      djs on call in the event that your dj has an emergency and needs to cancel.

3.   We are not human Ipods or jukeboxes.  Have you ever been to a party where the dj literally lets air play betwen songs, is yawning

      throughout the night, is constantly on his/her cell phone, and genuinely seems disconnected from the party?  That's not us.  Sure

      we'll take requests but we're always in tune with our clients and their guests, we read the crowd, and we actually mix songs

      together to keep the party rocking!

4.   We have no egos.  Our djs have performed with world renowned artists such as Snoop Dogg, Maroon 5, David Guetta, and Pitbull.  

      Yet when it comes to your party were not too cool to get out there and do the chicken dance with you and your guests (if you want

      us to).

5.   We are experienced, reasonable, and fair.  Not all djs are created equally and sometimes going cheap yields a lackluster and

      frustrating outcome.  At the same time, the most expensive dj with the super cool looking equipment can also leave you unfulfilled

      and with an empty wallet.  All of our djs have been through a rigorous training program to ensure they have an extensive

      knowledge of music from all genres, dj techniques, and customer service.  Our office staff will quote you a fair price and we'll never

      try to sell you a package that you don't need just to make money.  In fact we'll often ask what your budget is and do our best to

      give you the most bang for your buck.

6.   Stuff happens.  If you need to cancel your event, we'll honor our price and work with you on a "rain date."  

7.   We go the extra mile.  Need us to produce your wedding party entrance music before the actual wedding?  Need a song that's

      popular only in Thailand?  We'll make it happen at no additional charge.

8.   There's not much we can't do.  Having a party at a campground with no electricity?  We'll bring a generator and party until the sun

      comes up!

9.   We're open 24 hours 365 days per year.  Call us anytime, we're here to help.

10. We have a 100% satisfaction rating.  We have performed over 5000 events and have yet to receive a complaint.



Your Way Entertainment And Productions is a Connecticut Dj, Live Sound, Sound Engineering, & Lighting company.

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